Open 7 days a week for dine-in service and curbside pickup.
8am to 2:30pm


Served with homefries and your choice of white, wheat, marble rye, Italian toast or English muffin.
Substitute Egg Beaters or egg whites add 1.50

Two Eggs Breakfast* any style  6.00   with bacon, pork sausage, ham or Canadian bacon  8.25

Two Scrambled Eggs with Cheese*  6.75   with bacon, pork sausage or ham pieces 8.50  


Spinach, Mushroom & Swiss*  10.95    

Western*  ham, grilled onions, green peppers, cheddar  11.95 

Planet Fitness*  egg whites, spinach, tomato, mushrooms   11.95 

Greek*  spinach, tomato, grilled onions, feta  11.95

East End*  chicken apple sausage, grilled onions, cheddar  12.25

Thai*  chicken apple sausage, mushrooms, spinach, sriracha  12.25

Meat Lover’s*  ham, bacon, sausage, cheddar  12.25

Shamrock*  our signature corned beef hash, grilled onions, cheddar  12.50

Acadian*  spicy andouille sausage, green pepper, grilled onions, cheddar and siracha  12.25

BUILD YOUR OWN  starting at 6.50  

Cheese:  American, cheddar, Swiss, feta or pepperjack cheese 1.50 each

Veggies:  green peppers, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, grilled onion, broccoli or asparagus 1.50 each 

Meat:  bacon, pork sausage or ham  2.00 each    chicken apple or andouille sausage  3.50 each

Breakfast Specials

THE BAYSIDE BREAKFAST  2 eggs any style, homefries, choice of 2 slices of bacon or 2 sausage links and 2 slices of French toast or 2 pancakes. Served with real Maine maple syrup.  10.75

Steak & Eggs*  5oz teres major, 2 eggs, roasted tomato and homefries  14.00

Signature Corned Beef Hash*  two eggs, toast   12.25  

Sausage Gravy Biscuit*  butter-grilled Southern biscuit, two eggs, creamy house-made sausage gravy and homefries   11.25

Animal Homies  homefries, cheddar, bacon, salsa, green onion  8.25

EGGS BENEDICT  served (until noon on weekdays) with house-made Hollandaise and homefries  

Classic Benedict* with Canadian bacon  11.00     Florentine Benedict* with tomato & spinach  11.00    

Irish Benedict* with corned beef hash  12.50       

Breakfast Sandwich*  egg & American cheese on a grilled English muffin  5.75
add bacon, ham, Canadian bacon, or sausage  2.00

Breakfast Burrito*  homefries, spinach, scrambled eggs, sriracha, pepperjack  10.00  add meat 2.00

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

From the Griddle

French Toast  hand-cut cinnamon swirl  8.25

Buttermilk Pancakes single 4.75 / double  8.00   with Maine blueberries or chocolate chips 5.75/9.50

Fruit & Cereal

Fruit Bowl  selection of fresh fruits  9.00    yogurt and granola  add 3.00       

Wild Maine Blueberry Parfait  Stoneyfield vanilla yogurt, Grandy’s Oats organic granola  7.75

Caramelized Red Ruby Grapefruit  with Turbinado sugar  5.75

Hot Oatmeal  steel cut oatmeal cooked to order 6.00  add Maine blueberries, raisins or banana  1.25

Cereal with milk  3.00    Granola with milk  4.50   add Maine blueberries, raisins or banana  1.25

Fresh-baked Muffins  check with your server for today’s variety  2.75


Soups and Chowders (check the board for details)  5.50 cup  6.75 bowl

House-made Dressings:  Ranch, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, Honey Mustard, Caesar

Garden Salad mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, tomato, Kalamata olives  5.75 

add Tuna Salad  4.50    add Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad  5.25

Caesar Salad romaine, Parmesan cheese, croutons  6.25    add grilled chicken  5.00

Chef’s Salad mixed greens, hard boiled egg, Swiss, veggies, house-roasted turkey, bacon, dressing  11.50

Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges tossed with feta, toasted almonds, dried cranberries, cilantro and balsamic vinaigrette  9.25

Grilled Chicken Salad mixed greens, dried cranberries, Mandarin oranges, walnuts, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, balsamic vinaigrette  11.75

Steak Salad* grilled teres major, mixed greens, avocado, grapes, goat cheese with balsamic vinaigrette  13.50


Served on choice of white, wheat, marble rye or as suggested.  Served with house-made potato chips, coleslaw and pickle.

Add small garden salad 4.25  Add fries 1.50  sweet potato fries 2.00  onion rings 2.75

BLT  applewood smoked bacon, romaine, tomato, mayo  9.50

House-roasted Turkey  romaine, tomato, mayo  10.50

Turkey BLT  with applewood smoked bacon  11.95

Turkey Rachel  with melted Swiss, cole slaw and thousand island on marble rye  11.25

Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad  with romaine  9.95

Egg Salad Sandwich  with romaine  7.00

Grilled Cheese with American and cheddar  6.75  with tomato  7.25  with bacon or ham  8.75

Grilled Chicken Breast with romaine, tomato, mayo on a brioche bun  9.95

Tuna Salad with romaine  8.75      Tuna Melt  with cheddar  9.75

Haddock Sandwich  fried haddock, romaine, tomato, tartar sauce on a brioche bun  10.25

Downeast Reuben  fried haddock, cole slaw, Swiss, and thousand island dressing, open-faced on marble rye  10.75

Classic Reuben  thinly-sliced corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss, and thousand island on marble rye  10.75

Buffalo Chicken Wrap  fried chicken, house-made hot sauce, spring mix, blue cheese dressing  10.75

Warm Turkey Wrap  with sweet potatoes, spinach, pepperjack, and cranberry salsa  11.95

Warm Sweet Potato Wrap  roasted sweet potatoes, pepperjack, spinach, onions, balsamic  10.25

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap  romaine, parmesan, croutons and Ceasar dressing  10.75


Burgers & Dogs

Our burgers are a premium blend of brisket, short rib and chuck meat.

Served on a grilled brioche bun with romaine and tomato, house-made potato chips, coleslaw and pickle

Cheeses:  American, cheddar, pepperjack, Swiss, blue

Add small garden salad 4.25  Add fries 1.50  sweet potato fries 2.00  onion rings 2.75

Hamburger* 9.95     Cheeseburger* 10.95    Bacon Cheeseburger* 11.95

Patty Melt* hamburger served on marble rye with Swiss and grilled onions  10.95

Bunless Burger* served on a small garden salad  10.25

Hot Dog quarter pound, all-beef with fixings  6.95  with cheese 7.95

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


Add a small garden salad 4.25

Baked Macaroni & Cheese  cavatappi pasta smothered with a house-made five-cheese blend and topped with crumbled Ritz crackers  10.75

Hot Dogs & Beans two quarter-pound all beef franks served with house-made cole slaw and a Southern biscuit  10.25

Hot Turkey Plate fresh roasted turkey, stuffing and pan gravy over white pullman bread with fries, house-made cole slaw and cranberry sauce  12.95

Fish & Chips  fried haddock, fries, house-made cole slaw and tarter sauce  11.00


Chicken Tenders with fries  9.50 
with choice of sauce: honey mustard, ranch, blue cheese, buffalo or honey BBQ  10.00

Mozzarella Sticks six (6) with marinara sauce  7.50 

Fries  4.95  Sweet Potato Fries 5.95  Onion Rings  6.25


One Egg  1.95

Toast  2.25

Biscuit  2.50

Bagel & Cream Cheese  3.25

Peanut Butter  1.00

Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt  3.50

HomeFries  4.50

Breakfast Sausage 

  •  pork (4 links)  4.75
  • chicken apple (1 link)  4.00
  • spicy andouille (1 link)  4.00

Bacon  (4 strips) 4.75

Ham  4.50

Corned Beef Hash  7.00

Canadian Bacon  4.75

English Muffin  2.25

House-baked Muffin  2.75

Banana  1.25

Sauteed Onions, Peppers or Mushrooms  1.50

Coleslaw  3.25

Hollandaise Sauce  3.25


Served with kids cup of milk, juice or soda.

Small Mac & Cheese  8.00

Chicken Tenders (4) with chips and a pickle  8.00

Grilled Cheese with chips and a pickle  7.50


Apple Crisp with whipped cream 5.00 

Assorted Pies with whipped cream  5.00 

Carrot Cake 5.95

add a scoop of ice cream 1.50

Ice Cream

chocolate, vanilla, coffee or monthly selection 

One/Two/Three Scoops 2.75/4.00/5.00

Sauces: Chocolate or Caramel  .75

Toppings: Oreos, nuts, whipped cream or sprinkles .75

Two Scoop Sundae 

with one sauce, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry 5.00


Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee  6.50

Rootbeer or Creamsicle Float  6.00


PB&J  strawberry shake with peanut butter sauce & crushed peanuts

S’mores  chocolate shake with marshmallow sauce & graham cracker crumble

Brownie  vanilla shake with chocolate sauce & brownie crumble

Coffee Oreo  coffee shake with chocolate sauce & oreo crumble

Grasshopper  vanilla shake with natural mint extract, chocolate sauce & oreo crumble

Chocolate Delight  chocolate shake with chocolate sauce & brownie crumble

All MPD Shakes are topped with whipped cream & cherry  

Mimosa with Prosecco and orange juice  6.25

Miss Portland Bloody Mary with Ice Pik Vodka  6.25

Selection of Draft Beer (ask server for details)  5.00

Selection of Bottled Beers (ask server for details)  4.00